''Albumette'' - by Dutch Cassidy

Paint Over The Dirt | music & lyrics by Dutch Cassidy | drums by Alex Coufreur | bass by Bas Dooijes | backing vocals by TerryLynn Melody | leadvocals and guitars by Dutch Cassidy | recorded & mixed at twelve34studio | mastered at wolftrap studio

Big Sky | music & lyrics by Dutch Cassidy | guitar, keys and drums by Dutch Cassidy | dobro by Phil Doublet | recorded & mixed at twelve34studio | mastered at wolftrap studio

Dog | music and lyrics by Dutch Cassidy | drums by Alex Coufreur | bass by Bas Dooijes | keys by Joep van Leeuwen | backing vocals by Jo Pil & Sandra Diemel | leadvocals and guitars and vocals by Dutch Cassidy | recorded & mixed at twelve34studio | mastered at wolftrap studio

Forgiveness | music & lyrics by Dutch Cassidy | vocals and guitar by Dutch Cassidy | recorded at white dove studios | mixed at twelve34studio | mastered at wolftrap studio

all music and lyrics ©makeyoursongcount

Live Calender

24-09-2017 | Back Roads Festival, Utrecht | Details to follow

details to follow

29-07-2017 | SchierSong Festival (Schiermonnikoog) | 10:00

This is a weekend long free-to-attend festival (sat/sun July 29&30) where a bunch of songwriters and poets perform on various locations on the beautiful island Schiermonnikoog. I will be among those warming the island up to the weekend by doing a couple partizan gigs throughout the week before. And will do 6 gigs during the weekend. A working holiday you might say.

11-07-2017 | De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam | Details to follow

A set on one of the coolest stages in Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Anita. Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 1052HN

18-06-2017 | Blues Marathon @ Gitaarsalon, Enkhuizen | 14:00

Playing two seperate sets, one at 14:00 and one at 16:00. This is an event for Father’s Day. Come get yr dad on.

10-06-2017 | Harbour Sessions, Scheveningen | 20:00

Couple sets of drinking music at Brouwcafé De Hofnar, Doctor Lelykade 28, 2583CM, Den Haag (Scheveningen)

05-06-2017 | Utrecht Muziekstad @ Kargadoor, Utrecht | Details to follow

Special event where booker/programmer active at Kargadoor will play their own music live. Come check us out.

26-05-2017 | KargaFriday, Kargadoor, Utrecht | 19:00

I’ll be back in my home town playing a set of brand new stuff. My buddy Chris Sabucco from Canada will play support. Bring cd money, his debut album will blow you away! Kargadoor is located at Oude Gracht 36, 3511AP Utrecht  Doors open 19:00, show starts at 20:30 Tickets are €5,–

07-05-2017 | CMC CultureMusicClub, Arnhem | 16:00

A gig for Songwriter Circle Gelderland. There will be video and audio recorded, so come give me and the other artists a hand and a cheer (possibly even a yeehaw).  CMC is located at Luthersestraat 11, Arnhem

06-05-2017 | Radiogig for 107.1FM, Woerden | 15:00

I’m playing three songs and will be grilled on some songwriting and new album stuff. Sometime after 15:00 I believe. I will post frequencies and URLs as I get a hold of them.

30-04-2017 | DOT, Groningen | 14:00

Here’s another event for Groninger Songwriter Circle. DOT is located at Vrydemalaan 2, Groningen.

22-04-2017 | The Irrational Library, Haarlem | 14:00

The rockingest bookstore in the world? Just about. This is an instore show, gets cramped real quick, part of the charm of these gigs is to be getting upclose and intimate with the artist. I’ll play a whole bunch of my stuff and some stuff I like by other writers too. Expect warren Zevon, John Hiatt, Neil Diamond, Jason Isbell, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and if I feel up to it even some Elvis Costello. Point is I won’t be settling down until they call the cops.

19-04-2017 | The Fool Bar, Amsterdam | 20:00

Another chance to see me Unplugged & Up Close. Dapperstraat 10, Amsterdam

14-04-2017 | Private House Show ft Miss Anouk Slik (Haarlem) | 19:00

This is a private house show. By invitation only.
Postponed until further notice.

09-04-2017 | Kelder Van De Markt (Nijmegen) | 19:00

Playing a set in this ancient (seriously, it’s a couple hunnerd years old) cellar in Nijmegen. Got loads of beers, loads of ambiance. I kick off at 19:00 Bring drinking money, bring CD money, door is free. Kelder Van de Markt is located at Grote Markt 24, 6511KA Nijmegen

05-04-2017 | The Fool Bar, Amsterdam | 21:00

This is an Open Mic event for Amsterdam Songwriting Guild. Loads of talent. Located at Dapperstraat 10, Amsterdam.

04-04-2017 | Café Briljant, Haarlem | 20:00

Open Mic event for Haarlems Songwriter Circle. Briljant has 80+ beers. O, and there’s music… Lange Annastraat 33, Haarlem

02-04-2017 | Kweekcafé, Haarlem | 14:30


Proceeds for this event will go towards keeping this venue afloat. Come, spend some cash, listen to some good music. I’m on at 17:30   Kweekcafë is located at Kleverlaan 9, 2023JC Haarlem.

01-04-2017 | ‘t Cafeetje van Marja, Apeldoorn | 16:00

Nope, not a joke. Playing a half hour set at ‘t Cafeetje van Marja, located at Hoofdstraat 166, 7311BC Apeldoorn. This is an event organized by Songwriter Collective Apeldoorn.

01-04-2017 | ‘t Cafeetje van Marja, Apeldoorn | 16:00

Not an April Fools gag. Not an April Fools gig. I WIIL be playing a short set at ‘t Cafeetje van Marja, located at Hoofdstraat 166 in Apeldoorn, this particular date. This is a show, put on by Apeldoorn Songwriterscollectief. Several other killer artists perform. Fun starts at 16:00.

31-03-2017 | Proeflokaal België, Enschede | 21:00

With my first gig at Proeflokaal België in Almelo being a big hit, the owner invited me to play his other venue in Enschede. Several artists playing, I’m up second (at 21:45) so be in time if you plan on seeing me sober. Proeflokaal België has a gazillion good beers and is located at Oude Markt 20, Enschede

siso enschede

27-03-2017 | Drover’s Dog, Amsterdam | 18:30

A half hour set with or just after dinner. Several other young, promising artists will play their music too. Come grab a bite, drink a few, have a fun night, this promises to be goooooooood! Drover’s Dog is located at Wibautstraat 206, Amsterdam

25-03-2017 | Podium Gorinchem | 20:30

I’m invited to play support for Texas songwriting and country icons Zak Perry and Vern Vennard. Also joining is my friend Jacques Mees. This will be a rock and roll spectacular. A gala if you will. Doors open 20:30 and fun starts at 21:00. Bring beer money, bring cd money. Bring smiles and yeehaws. Podium Gorinchem (PoGo) is located at Haarsekade 120, 4205VL Gorinhem

11-03-2017 | The Wolfhound (Haarlem) | 21:00

Aaaaaaawwwoooooooo! Come howl with me at The Wolfhound, Haarlem. I’ll play 3 sets of originals and covers by some world class artists. Located at Riviervismarkt 9, Haarlem

26-02-2017 | ☆☆☆date moved☆☆☆Restaurant Sijf (Rotterdam) | 17:00

☆☆☆MOVED BACK A WEEK☆☆☆ A couple sets during dinner, I’ll be in the Royal Box overlooking all that goes on. First set starts at 17:00!  May be worth calling ahead; 010 433 2610    Sijf is located at Oude Binnenweg 115, 3012 JB Rotterdam

19-02-2017 | Gluren Bij De Buren, Haarlem | 16:00

see description below

19-02-2017 | Gluren Bij De Buren, Haarlem | 14:30

see description below

19-02-2017 | Gluren Bij De Buren, Haarlem | 13:00

Here’s a chance to see me in a very intimate setting. I will be at Kijkduinstraat 13 all afternoon and do half hour sets of all originals at 13:00, at 14:30 and at 16:00. Plenty time to go see other artists playing in the neighborhood. Full planning will be on the GBDB website soonest. www.glurenbijdeburen.nl

09-02-2017 | Radiogig for AmsterdamFM – Songwriters Guild Live | 16:00

I’ll appear on Ronald Halfhide vd Horst’s show on AmsterdamFM to play 4 songs and answer some questions from the Grand Amsterdam Library. I’m coming at you in stereo between 16:00 and 17:00. Airwaves; 106.8FM, on cable in Amsterdam; 103.3 and finally online; http://www.amsterdamfm.nl/radiopopup.html

21-01-2017 | GSC event at De Singelier (Groningen) | 21:00

A half hour set of all originals. Two more up and coming artists from the area will perform. This night is planned and set up by Groninger Songwriter Circle.  Peeps in the north of country might wanna take advantage of one of the very few times I come out there. Not like I don’t wanna get to you, it’s just bloody hard to book a gig in this arena. Café Singelier is located at Coendersweg 44, 9722 GH Groningen

19-01-2017 | Proeflokaal België, Almelo | 20:00

Come buy me a beer at Proeflokaal België, Schuttenstraat 2 in Almelo. I wonder if Ilse will make an appearance once she finds out I’m playing.

15-01-2017 | De Havelaar (Amsterdam) | 14:00

Backdrop is a Community Center, 4 – 5 artists will perform. Cheap drinks and snacks available. Good atmosphere. De Havelaar is located at Douwes Dekkerstraat 2, 1053 SX  Amsterdam (free parking on Sundays)

06-01-2017 | Koffiehuis vd Volksbond, Amsterdam | 19:00

This restaurant is closing its doors for good tonight. Its owner and proprietor is a big music fan and has staged many an event for songwriters to get their art to an attentive crowd. Joining me this closing night are my friends Jackie’s Choice and Writersday. Fully acoustic, though minimal sets. Be wise and book ahead on 020/6221209 Located at Kadijksplein 4, Amsterdam

04-01-2017 | ASC – Countrysong Challenge | 21:30

ASC is the Amsterdam Songwriter Circle. Guess this would be more of a challenge for me if it were; Sing anything BUT a countrysong, but hey… Fun starts at 21:30 at the world famous Home Of The Blues; Maloe Melo. Lijnbaansgracht 163 Amsterdam

29-12-2016 | Music Around The Fireplace (Hilversum) | 20:00

Scooch a little closer for this very intimate, full acoustic set. No PA, just my fingers on the strings and my lips to your ears. Come check me out at Music Around The Fireplace, Mussenstraat 11, 1223 RB Hilversum

22-12-2016 | Zaal 100 (Amsterdam) | 20:00

There’ll be a couple semi-acoustic acts. Fun starts at 20:00. Kitchen opens 18:00. I’m told they know how to stir the pot – so to speak.  Zaal 100 is located at De Wittenstraat 100, 1052BA  Amsterdam

17-12-2016 | De Haarlemse Barbier (Haarlem) | 14:00

The Netherlands’ rockinest barbershop. Beards, tattoos, razors and some spicy rock’n’roll. I’ll de there from 14:00 till 17:00 and will probably play a couple songs too. Ya never know. De Haarlemse Barbier is located at Generaal Cronjéstraat 120, 2021 JM  Haarlem

11-12-2016 | Klein Berlijn (Utrecht) | 15:30

A full acoustic set. Intimate, up close and personal, the way music should be experienced. Klein Berlijn is located at Helling 22, 3523CD Utrecht. The way I understand it, there’s plenty of parking space available.

10-12-2016 | De Pletterij (Haarlem) | Details to follow

A set of originals, accompanied by my friend Gerry Castles on mandolin, guitar and who knows what else. De Pletterij is located at Lange Herenvest 122, 2011 BX Haarlem

29-11-2016 | Café Briljant (Haarlem) | 20:30

Several sets of originals interlaced with covers of songs by international and local artists. Café Briljant has an awesome selection of quality beers, both draft and bottled. Come check me out, no cover charge. Set: 20:30 to 23:00. Café briljant is located at Lange Annastraat 33, 2011 XG Haarlem

26-11-2016 | Haarlemse Barbier, Haarlem | 14:00

My steady gig at Haarlems rockingest barbershop. Get your beard trimmed, of your sideburns shaped. Have a beer. Talk bollocks. Anything goes here. Generaal Cronjéstraat 122, Haarlem

18-11-2016 | Gentleman’s Night, Haarlem | 19:00

Leeman’s shoeshop is staging a Gentleman’s Night, free shaves, costume advice, spitshines, live music. I’ll play a boatload of songs. Generaal Cronjéstraat, Haarlem

11-11-2016 | Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam | 20:00

I’ll play two half-hour sets during dinnertime, starting at 20:00 Call ahead to book a table because this restaurant is quick to fill up and folks stay seated for the duration of the evening. 020/6246380 Located at; Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

05-11-2016 | Wijngaardtuin, Haarlem | 12:00

Open Air event, fingers crossed the weather gods will smile upon us. A bunch of new and some seasoned songwriters will perform a short set. I’m on at 15:00. There’s a couple before me and a couple after me, make sure to catch all of us! Fun starts at noon. Wijngaardtuin is located between Morinnesteeg and Jansstraat in Haarlem.

22-10-2016 | De Haarlemse Barbier (Haarlem) | 14:00

My steady monthly gig at the rockinest barbershop in Haarlem. The 31 song list comes out for a mix of originals and covers. De Haarlemse Barbier is located at Generaal Cronjéstraat 120, 2021JM Haarlem.

19-10-2016 | Westergasterras (Amsterdam) | 18:00

I´ll play a couple sets at this restaurant. They have a very good kitchen and prices are reasonable. You may wanna book a table if you wanna come. Located at Klönneplein 6, 1014DD Amsterdam.

13-10-2016 | Podium Victorie (Alkmaar) | 20:00

This is a gig for Alkmaars Songwriter Collectief. I´ll play a half hour set. Some other up and coming young songwriters (e.g. Joshua Aaron) will play too. Podium Victorie is at Breedstraat 33, 1811HE Alkmaar.

10-09-2016 | Briljant Singer Songwriter festival 2016 (Haarlem) | 14:00

An event you can’t afford to miss! The festival kicks off at 14:00 and closes around 20:00. Artists playing are; Anouk Slik, Joshua Aaron, Ratten Met Vleugels, Kim Nanninga, Eva van Manen, Mr Pulp, Anne Reijnoudt and others. Two stages at one venue; Café Briljant – Nieuwekerksplein, Haarlem.

03-09-2016 | De Haarlemse Barbier (Haarlem) | 14:00

Every first Saturday of the month I play at the rockinest barbershop in Haarlem. I have a different guest every month. This time I present to you Rachman Tjahjono; a silvery guitar, a golden voie and straight up diamonds for songs. De Haarlemse barbier is located at Generaal Cronjéstraat 120, 2012JM Haarlem.

28-08-2016 | Jopenkerk (Hoofddorp) | 15:00

Two sets between 3 and 5. Jopenkerk holds tons of ambiance. Best beers in the area, talented chefs, home distilled liquors. Located at Hoofdweg 774, 2132 BW Hoofddorp

06-08-2016 | De Haarlemse Barbier (Haarlem) | 14:00

Every first saturday of the month I play at the rockinest barbershop in Haarlem. I have a different guest every month. This month I am joined by Jean Michel Midde (Shun Yo Shell); poetry meets songwriting here. De Haarlemse Barbier is located at Generaal Cronjéstraat 120, 2021JM Haarlem.

17-07-2016 | Papa’s Beachhouse (Hoofddorp) | 17:00

I’m the middle attraction in this 3 piece carnival. Up first are Kurt Rosa, playing a mix of rock and more rock. Then lil’ old me. Last but not least is Raoul Michel, guitar virtuoso and allround cool guy, playing some originals and some covers and nailing each and every one of them. Papa’s Beachhouse is at IJweg 961, 2131LV Hoofddorp


There is enough space and time to regret but not the slightest way to go back. Dutch Cassidy will teach you it's more than ok to be nostalgic but you won't get away unaffected. Hear an orange sun set on his memories while he's caught in the conflict of closure and holding on.

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There’s just something bout a woman that can take a compliment
Without assuming I’m makin a pass
A simple comment on the way she looks don’t necessarily mean
I’ve been busy checkin’ out that ass

In his latest single, Dutch makes a brave assessement of what defines "that" kind of woman. His story clearly relies on first hand experiences, both comforting and harsh.

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Nothing' to it, but to do it

Dutch understands that an emotion never rules alone and that it's never pure.
Each experience is a patchwork of overwhelming and subtle facets that often wind up being smeared out, painting the blues.

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About Dutch

A little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll. Songs that don’t shy away from describing intimate personal challenges and crossing lines. Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!” is how singer/songwriter Dutch Cassidy describes his songwriting.

Riding the vacuum cleaner with momma singing along to Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash coming from neighbor’s toolshed, it’s clear Dutch’s fondness for both genres originates in his early youth. Dutch’s melancholic guitar based songs have been likened to John Hiatt’s or Jason Isbell’s. With 25 years of music under his belt, Dutch Cassidy is no first timer. As a member of several bands he has explored a diversity of musical styles among which punk, rhythm & blues and the typically Dutch ‘smartlap’. With these bands he also published several recordings on the now defunct KELT label.

After a break Dutch Cassidy restarted his (solo) career as a singer-songwriter playing at THISSfest2014. Several well-known and popular venues such as The Waterhole and Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, De Libertijn, Brave Hendrik and De Bieb, in Den Haag followed quickly after.

Dutch blogs, lectures and teaches classes on songwriting for MakeYourSongCount.com, an initiative devoted to the advancement of the songwriting craft.

Dutch Cassidy is currently recording an EP of his more recent work in cooperation with a selection of seasoned musicians. The EP will be released this year. STAY TUNED!

House On The Hill


I Love You, Goodbye



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